Why you should vote for me

I would be a good leader Because I can think of a solution to any problem shore I’m not the best at public speaking and righting speeches but this the time to change, and if your wondering I would like to be the e learning because most of there work is behind the scenes and I’m really good with tech, now what makes me a good leader I’m always myself and I never quite if I’m given a challenge I never give up until it’s done and I feel like I need give something back to the school and this is one of many changes left and as I said there are more leadership changes in grade 6 so if I don’t get this I won’t be that upset. Thank you.

Film fest

Today we had a film feast were our grade 6’s showed some of the best film and the some won a award my favourite on was helping it started as a a girl crossing the road with her hands full of bags and a man comes up and helps her then the same man helps someone get a book of a shelf at a library then lets a old lady have his set and finely he opens the door for someone and it ends with him working off and as he works of a voiceover says “happens is about what you give and not take” and I love it shor all the other ones were good but this one I loved and I would rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Donut patrty won the election

Today we had a mini election with mini party’s but back to the reflection the dounut party won so they had to to do what well they promised I think that’s right but anyway, we plaed kick ball wich if you didn’t know is like soft ball and soccer in one you kick instead of beating but you can ues your hands to cach the ball but back on topic I can get really sidetracked,but long story short the boys tryed as hard as possible but losst.after that we came back to the class room and had DOUNUTS!!! The best


Hello and welcome to my blog pleas come and coment on my posts you can expect frequent posts and check what work me and my class mates are doing alos if you havent see by my moto I love skating please fell free to coment and what is your favourite thing to do?